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7.5 Acres Farm Land - 75 km from Tambaram, 15 km from ECR & GST

* 7.5 acres of agricultural  punjai  lands. * Accessible by both GST and ECR from Chennai (whichever road has less traffic).  * Around 92 km (via GST) or 100 km (via ECR) from Velachery, Chennai,  * 75 km from Tambaram. (Above photo taken before harvesting of casuarina trees.) * Has more than 230m of village road frontage. * Has around 150m of stream ( odai ) frontage. * Fully fenced with 240 GSM anti-rust double-end-barbed mesh, for protection from cattle. * One large well, with free electricity service. * Has not used chemical fertilizers or pesticides for almost 10 years now and should be able to get certified as an organic farm.  * Watchman on payroll for more than 6 years, who can oversee work on your behalf.  * Land is present in a labour-surplus village (rare nowadays), with workers taken out for daily agri work, to other villages too. * It is of punjai or dry lands (well irrigated) category, which means it is possible to convert to other uses, even into layouts or factories (be